WR1 Specification Upgrades – Prodrive Performance Pack

The Prodrive performance packs have been designed to deliver class leading performance, increasing power and boosting torque across a wider rev range than the standard engine. These improved characteristics ensure that drivers have the responsiveness required for performance driving including all-important, mid-range overtaking.

Prodrive’s intimate knowledge of the Impreza has enabled the development of the performance package for the WR1. The pack includes a recalibrated ECU and changes to the exhaust system, which, in some instances can lead to increases in torque of up to 30%. The WR1 got an up-rated Prodrive Y Pipe and IC piping, free flow cat and larger WR Sport single tailpipe.

Driver Q&A

How long have you owned your WR1?

I have the car since February 2011, just about 5 months now. I was searching for something limited edition with my eye originally on a Blob/Hawkeye Spec C. But when the WR1 came up with the car at unbelievable value and because I already knew the history and condition of the car, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up and I still got myself a limited edition Subaru, number 140 of 500.

Where did source the car from?

I bought the car from a Club member, James Gunning, who I’ve known for years. He has always maintained his cars impeccably so I knew what I was getting when I bought it.

Have you previously owned a Subaru?

Yes, I’ve had 2 Impreza’s before the WR1. The first was a 1994 V1 Impreza STi in silver. It was a brilliant car, absolutely bullet proof and I still see it driving around the odd time. The second was a 1999 V5 Impreza Type R in Charcoal Grey. It was my pride and joy for nearly 6 years but it was time to move on to something new.

What made you decide to make the change from the Type R to the WR1?

The main reason was because it was an everyday car and I wanted something a bit more comfortable and useable with an ever increasing family to cater for as well. I wanted to move to something with 4 doors but stay with Subaru and have something just as powerful as the Type R.

How does the WR1 compare to the Type R in terms of handling, power and comfort?

Handling – Obviously the WR1 is not as track focused and not as aggressive or raw as the Type R and apart from the bit of typical understeer (even with the prodrive settings), it would have no problem holding its own out on track. We’ll know for sure in September anyway

Power – Well, even though the WR1 is slightly more powerful than the Type R was, the Type R has it up to 100MPH but after that the WR1 wins hands down. A reliable source told me, that they will see 150MPH on the clocks and still have something left. The WR1 is much more refined than the Type R but still has the DCCD so you can have a play with it when the mood takes you.

Comfort – There is no comparison, the WR1, with its Prodrive suspension and Spec C bucket seats, is just a much nicer place to be every day. It’s much more suited to everyday use.

What modifications have you made to the car since you bought it?

Not a whole lot yet. I have a set of Fog Light covers and a brand new set of mudflaps ready to go on now.

What future plans have you for the car?

Next on the list is a front splitter as the car is in bad need of one at the moment. In the next while, I will be getting the car mapped to address the poor base map that Prodrive put on the car as standard. After that, I will be refurbing the wheels and beginning to add a load of whiteline goodies, hopefully in time for the trackday in September.

Car Specification


All Black STi bucket seats (as featured also in the hawkeye Spec C’s)
Satin black dash surrounds
Subaru Double Din head unit
STi Pedals
WR1 Alloy gear knob
WR1 Interior Plaque signed by Peter Solberg after 2003 WRC Championship win


Car Registration 04 WX 140 – Especially reserved to match build number 140/500
18” Genuine Prodrive PFF7’s in Gunmetal Grey
Brembo brakes all around
Prodrive designed suspension
Fog light covers
Top & Bottom Grill Mesh finished in chrome


VF35 Turbo
Prodrive Exhaust with sports cat
Prodrive remapped ECU
Zerosports chrome induction pipe
Intercooler Water Spray




Words & Pictures… Rob Spec C

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