Subaru Model: MY02 Subaru Impreza Legacy B4 RSK
ISDC Forum Name: Mark Cahill

The story off the Subaru Impreza Legacy B4 RSK

The B4, which indicated suspension tuning by Porsche (yes, Porsche!), Subaru’s new partner in Japan, and RSK which stands for Rally Sport Kompressor are the main clues to the true nature of this 280 horsepower sedan. That is the same output of the Subaru Impreza WRX STi and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI (isn’t it convenient how so many Japanese cars have 2.0 litre engines and put out 280PS?) which just like the B4 RSK will not be sold in North America. Quite a shame considering the performance and value.

The twin-turbo system provides the excellent 4-cylinder powerplant with the power for some spirited performance. The twin-turbo, twin-cam boxer engine, 5-speed manual gearbox, AWD system with viscous central LSD and low, low curb weight, sound like the perfect ingredients for mounting a challenge on the WRC. If you expect to spend most of your time at the track or rallying, get a Lancer Evolution, but if all you need is a great sports sedan with the ability to easily haul 4 people, the Legacy B4 RSK is a perfect and more conservative choice.

Revision D

The fourth revision of the third-generation Legacy made several important but subtle changes to the front of the car. The fenders, grille, and headlights were altered slightly, making interchangeability with Rev1-c impossible. The headlights in the Japanese market were of the HID variety, and were slightly smaller, while the grille also shrank slightly. The HID headlights had a dashboard mounted adjustment switch that allowed the driver to re-aim the headlights to reduce glare to approaching traffic.

How long has the car been owned by you?

I’ve owned the car since Valentines Day 2008.

How was the car sourced?

The car was originally owned by a former member ‘Mucky Scooby’, he sold it on and then i bought the car from the next owner! It’s now back at home in the ISDC.

What makes your car so special to you?

I’ve never been able to put my finger on it. There was something about it from i first time i seen it on Carzone. Went to have a look at it then the following Sunday. Took the car for a drive and that was it for me. Got out and told the chap i’d be back up during the week with the money. The girlfreind says she’s never seen me smile like i did when i got out after the test drive.

What does the club membership mean to you?

The club membership means a lot too me. It’s the only place I know of were you can ask questions about these cars and have someone give you the answers you need. Everything from the meets to nights away for the AGM are great. Its as if you’ve known these people your whole life. That can’t be said for many clubs!

What changes are you going to make to your car?

I have a few things planned for it. Its bog standard at the minute, but I’ve just bought a Brembo brake conversion so that will be getting sorted soon enough. Also have some Defi gauges to be fitted when I find a gauge pod that could pass as factory fitted. Then the usual Anti Roll bars etc. I also have something else planned but I don’t want to be getting my hopes up about it until I have the money in my pocket for it!

What are you seeking from your car?

When I was looking for a car I said all I wanted was space, comfort and a bit of power. I’ve a great mix of the 3 in this one.

When, if at all, will you replace your car?

I don’t know really, I usually get the urge to change cars after six months but not with this one. Maybe its just because they were all Mitsubishi’s!

Is there anyone you would like to thank for this project?

The girlfriend, also Keith555 for asking me to be part of this months feature and then everyone in the ISDC for making it what it is today and making me feel welcome from the first meet I attended.

Car Specification


isdc EJ20 Twin Turbo
isdc Everything original bar a Cosworth drop in Filter

Transmission & Clutch

isdc 5-Speed gearbox with Exedy clutch

Exterior Styling

isdc Factory fitted RSK Limited II body kit

Wheels / Tyres

isdc 17″ Bellini GT BR wheels (Advan replica wheel)
isdc 215/45/R17 Tyres


isdc 7″ DVD Player with original speaker system

Words & Pictures… Keith555

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