Subaru Model: MY98 Subaru Impreza 22B STi – #300/400
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Original Model Information:

In 1998, Subaru of Japan produced a widebody, 2-door, Impreza called the 22B STi. The 22B had the EJ22 engine as opposed to the regular EJ20 engine. This means the displacement was increased from 1994 cc to 2212cc. The block was a closed-deck borrowed from the Legacy’s EJ22. The heads (valves, valvetrain and such) were lifted from the STi Version 4 engine. It produce 280 PS (206 kW) and 363 N/m (37.0 kgf/m) of torque at a lower engine speed of 3200 rpm. The redline was lowered from 8000 rpm to 7000 rpm.

The 22B was used to commemorate the 3rd consecutive manufacturer’s title for Subaru in the FIA World Rally Championship. This car was given a unique color of blue and had fender flared widebody taken from the Peter Stevens designed WRC car. It sported a Bilstein suspension, a triple-plate clutch, cryo-treated gears, a unique spoiler, a unique bumper and custom BBS gold wheels.

The origin of the name 22B has often been debated. Many assume 22 referred to the 2.2 liter displacement and the B was for the Bilstein suspension. This would correlate with the idea that Subaru sells a Legacy Spec B, where the B represents the Bilstein suspension. Others believe that 22B was meant to represent the much recognized 555 decal on the WRC car as 22B is a hexadecimal representation of the decimal number, 555.

It is interesting to note that the 22B STi that is suppose to be #13 was never given the plaque. Subaru of America imported #13 to be used as a press car.

Features include:

2.2 litre engine restricted to 280 PS (276 bhp) for the Japanese domestic market
Seam-welded body shell (supposedly identical in shape to the WRC)
Driver-adjustable front/rear diff
Twin-plate racing clutch
Quick steering rack (13:1 ratio)
Adjustable rear wing
Revised suspension and bigger brakes over the STi 4
7.5 x 17″ BBS alloy wheels with 235/40 ZR17 tyres
Blue alacantra seats and interior trim
Nardi (non-airbag) steering wheel
Uniquely numbered identity plate (1 to 400, with No 13 not being issued)

Car Specification


One previous owner from new (have a copy of the original invoice from Japan), a Prodrive ?All Stars? manager. Hence some Prodrive ?bits? that found their way onto the car. European Championship Rally event locations are still stored on the Sat Nav.


Prodrive custom mapped ECU
WRC equal length headers (wrapped)
4 custom made turbo back SS exhaust
Type UK spec 5th gear (have seen an indicated 170mph top speed)
Blitz turbo timer
Intercooler stone shield


Apexi N1 Coilovers with adjustable dampers and solid, adjustable pillow-ball mounts
Whiteline front and rear adjustable anti-roll bars
Whiteline anti lift/dive kit
STi solid droplinks replaced with Whiteline items
All rubber suspension bushes replaced with Polyurethane bushes
Cusco front and rear upper and lower strut braces
AP 6 pot brakes with fully floating grooved disks
Goodridge braided hoses front and rear


Carbon Fibre (CF) bonnet with custom made CF 22B replica vents
Prodrive WRC CF wing mirrors
Custom made CF rear spoiler blade
Orange indicators replaced with smoked items with silver-tech bulbs
Corner lights replaced with American spec items (with integrated white reflector matches integrated reflector in rear clusters)
Black Grill badge
Type UK PIAA driving lights with correct interior switches
Black Prodrive/Oz Superlegera 18 alloys
MY99WRC front splitter in CF tracked down… yet to be received for fitting


Alpine multimedia system with, CD, MD, DVD player, RDS Radio, TV and Sat Nav
Fully speced Cobra alarm with tracker
FIA Battery/ignition cutout switch (does not disable alarm)
Sparco WRC dished steering wheel
Eyebolts for FIA approved 4 Sabelt four point Harness
280kmph 10krpm clock acquired and yet to be installed


All parts removed have been cleaned, bubble wrapped and put in storage.








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